The Trump Tribulations


I have always wondered if Donald Trump has ever regretted that he once chose to be the President of the United States of America, seemingly the land of the most developed and shining democracy of all time and peoples. Why on earth did the guy need this huge pain in the neck while he was enjoying life full-time? Wasn’t he rich and handsome and famous enough to have been happier than any other man in the world? Then why did he inflict this uninvited pain on his endlessly felicitous self?

Writing this peace, I am not prepared to look into the amply available reading matter or tons of video-taped material on the topic, nor will I consult an expert of the theme. I just want to get it off my chest by meditating on this weirdly painful chunk of human history, definitely not only the American. Something terribly wrong has happened to my beloved America, and that ‘something’ might easily be considered fatal, uncorrectable, and irrecoverable.

This bizarre part of history is being written as we speak, and the feather point might well be soaked in the wrongly colored ink. Nobody expected Donald Trump to be so instantaneously tailored from a wealthy astute business personality into a political animal of monstrous size. The metamorphosis happened against all imaginable odds, and behold, it has all of a sudden worked to the benefit of the American people, having filled many empty pockets and stuffed a lot of thin purses.

The project of turning America back to the status of its habitual greatness was given a powerful impetus. Understandably, the American democrats, especially the radical dems, hated him so much that they wanted to bury him and his novel policies the very first day of his White House residence. Meanwhile, Trump’s presidential achievements cannot be hushed and ignored: he must be given his share of credit for his outstanding headship to speed up the building and distribution of anti-corona vaccines; his triumphal ingress in politics has widened the America First patriotic movement; he has put on a normal footing the centuries-old damaged relations between the Arab world and Israel; thanks to him, the US stock market has been resuscitated and the economy has started performing; he has fortified the country’s southern borders; in his helpful hands, the US trade deals have started working to the benefit of the American people; he reached the historic peace deal with the militant Afghan forces; he eradicated threats to national security by eliminating some of the aggressive forces; he established the space force as the sixth ramification of the American military power; he has proved himself as the most pro-life leader in the nation’s history.

Having all the above under his thick but not very durable belt, he has been dragged through the stomach-churning impeachment ordeal at the discretion of the raging dems, who have tried him in vain, having been vehemently frustrated due to his exoneration by the Senate. President Trump, who has never touched one dollar of the American people’s money, having waved his legally earned and morally deserved presidential salary, has fallen victim to the second attempt of impeachment by the democratic forces of the American legislature on the flagrantly doubtful grounds of inciting the insurrection.

Just listen to the epithets used to describe the sitting President of the United States: arrogant, idiot, incompetent, ignorant, narcissistic, egotistical, racist, terrorist, fascist, seditionist, insurrectionist and white supremacist. There must be something absurdly wrong in this maliciously ferocious avalanche of words, addressed to America’s Chief Executive. After four years of attacks on the part of the egregiously mendacious means of mass communication, he has now found himself ambushed by corporate America too, shutting him off from almost every social network in the country. Just imagine, the POTUS gagged and locked out from the public domain! And finally, the worst thing that could have happened to the wounded lion: the members of his own pride have betrayed him at the crucial nick of the historic time: the so called RINO’s (republicans in name only). Trump was and will always remain a truly unpredictable leader, but his utterly unconventional ways of ruling the nation have caused all those barely tolerable tribulations, brought on him forcefully and arbitrarily, his political nemeses having had almost no reason to treat him so viciously, and the nation itself having no idea who they have lost.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

21 January 2021 18:09