Garbage Thrown over Member of the Supreme Council of Adjara

A trash can full of garbage was emptied on the head of Irakli Chavleishvili, a non-partisan member of the Supreme Council of Adjara. The movement "Alternative" then broadcasted a video of the incident.

"For Irakli Chavleishvili, we preferred to throw the garbage onto him rather than to put him in the trash (he is often bothered with blood pressure). The same fate awaits all traitors. Those who betray the Georgian people and prefer the comfort of their own will also receive a decent response from the Georgian people," the movement said.

Chavleishvili told "Batumelebi" that he was not going to go to the police.

"I am a public figure, I have a duty to listen, and will this young man, who does not know better, be imprisoned? Will the prison bring him up? The answer should be demanded from the people who encourage them - Varshalomidze, Kirtadze, Antadze: they sent them. They want to make a fuss about it. I, personally, am not going to file a lawsuit, but the police and the Prosecutor's Office are there to look after such people," Chavleishvili said.

Chavleishvili was included in the list of the United National Movement's "Dzala Ertobashia" bloc from the "Republican Party". The elected MP announced in December that he was leaving the party and would enter the Supreme Council of Adjara despite the ongoing opposition boycott.

"After long deliberation, I made a decision to join the Supreme Council of Adjara. Since 1990, I have been an MP for both Adjara and of three convocations of Batumi. During this time, as a result of rigged elections each time, I often had to work alone on the opposition wing. I am going to do the same in the future. Unfortunately, my and the Republican Party of Georgia's attitude towards the boycott of the Supreme Council is radically different. I think an MP's place is in Parliament. "I also sympathize with the protesters on the streets, where I have spent most of my political life," Chavleishvili said in December.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

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24 January 2021 00:35