US Amb: I Hope Political Parties Will Work Together in Parliament

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan said she believes that the leaders of political parties, in order to achieve a compromise on the differences between them, should give priority to the interests of the country and take into account the opinion of voters.

"Georgian people say in various polls that the main problems for them are unemployment, high prices, and poverty. They also say they want MPs to work together on these issues in Parliament. I hope the parties will take this into account when discussing the various options for overcoming the differences between them," the Ambassador said.

She expressed hope that the urgency of the issues that concern Georgian society will push the political parties to work together in the parliament.

"I hope the party leaders will put the interests of the country first, listen to what is important for the voters, and that is jobs, high prices, poverty, and the economic consequences of COVID-19. I believe the urgency of resolving these issues will push the parties to reach a compromise, find solutions to the problems and come to Parliament to work on these issues," Kelly Degnan said.

For the record, yesterday, none of the members of the ruling party Georgian Dream voted for the termination of the mandates of the opposition MPs. 

Consequently, all 51 opposition MPs who requested the termination of their mandates remain members of Parliament.

The boycotting opposition formally remains in parliament.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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03 February 2021 13:45