Paul Stronski: Visa-Free with the US Next Possible Step

Paul Stronski hopes the United States will offer Georgia an EU-like visa-free regime in the near future.

Stronski, representative of the Carnegie Peace Foundation’s Eurasian Program, sees Georgia as a worthy partner of the US and Europe, deserving loosening of visa regulations.

“I hope that after some time, and it will take longer time of course, visa-free regime will be introduced with the United States too”, Stronski told the Georgian bureau of Voice of America.

Stronski predicts that increased investments, tourism and trade will follow Georgia’s visa liberalization with the EU.

“I think Georgia’s visa liberalization with the European Union will be followed by increase in investments, tourism and trade, but at the same time, it is a big symbolic step,” Stronski said.

21 December 2015 14:25