Patriarch: EU’s Decision on Georgia Great Achievement

The Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II said Georgia should not think not what Europe will bring, but also what we can offer Europe.

The Patriarch said Friday that Georgia has taken a big step toward Europe, at a meeting with the EU Ambassador and the PM.

“This is a great achievement, a great celebration for all the people, including the Church.”

According to the head of the Georgian Church, Georgia has long been wishing to be part of European structures and Georgia has great results already.

He said that the Georgian church has close communication with churches in various countries, Churches, including the Vatican.

The patriarch added that Georgia, an ancient culture, woud enjoy protection of its culture.

He congratulated the Prime Minister and the entire country on “this great event.”

The European Commission published a positive report on Georgia’s visa liberalization on Friday.

The report is considered a precondition for the visa-free regime for Georgian citizens in the Schengen zone once the EU countries make a political decision on the issue, which is expected to take 6 months.

21 December 2015 14:37