Modern Georgian Writer Admired by Swedish Critics

Award winning modern Georgian writer Lia Liqokeli has been praised by Swedish critics, who were able to read her translated poems in Scandinavian languages.

Swedish literature critic Stefan Eestinkyla emphasized that the writing manners of the Georgian young poet reminds of the late Sonja Åkesson.

Eestinkyla reviewed Lia Liqokeli's collection 'Laugh of Giant's Wife' for the culture review website and calls it 'exotic' and 'very original'.

“The images she creates, demands the reader to pay attention and think. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the connection, but they present themselves often. It is difficult to describe the poetic originality and richness of a compressed space as a notification,” Eestinkyla wrote.

Georgian literature critics describe Lia Liqokeli as a 'discovery' of Georgian modern literature.

Liqokeli was born in Khevsureti, a Georgian mountainous village, in a very small community, where the total population reaches around 50 people.

After finishing school in village, she moved to the capital city and graduated from Tbilisi's Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University with a degree in direction.

After a short experience in stage direction, she found her passion in literature and started to write poems and sharing them with her Facebook followers.

Later, with the support of the Georgian National Book Center, her poems were published widely and now Swedish speakers can enjoy her 'exotic' poems as well.

18 January 2016 11:55