Large-Scale Seasonal Exhibition – Spring Gift for Art Lovers

On April 1-7, almost 60 painters were showcased in one space – the State Center of Georgian Folklore Gallery. This is a rare scale for a fine arts exhibition in Tbilisi, a city of moderation. The beautiful old tradition was restored in 2014. From year to year, our artists look forward to being exhibited every autumn and spring and perceive themselves via the gallery space – so crucial for all artists - and share the joy of meeting old and making new professional friends at the same time.

Until recently, annual exhibitions held in spring and autumn at the Georgian National Gallery played a significant role in the promotion of achievements in local fine arts. Following Georgia’s independence, artists were deprived of the National Gallery. For this and many other reasons, fine arts were almost forgotten. Happily, in spring 2014, three Georgian painters decided to restore the tradition and arrange exhibitions every spring and autumn.

“This is the fifth time we have organized such a large-scale exhibition. A painter needs a gallery, a space, just like a writer needs a book – in order to look at his/her own works and estimate them critically. This is like a club. Tbilisi enjoys having plenty of painters. Our exhibition in fact showcases 1/5 of them. There are some 30 painters who regularly participate, while the other half changes from exhibition to exhibition. We discuss the works, and give discreet pieces of advice to each other. Those who receive this positive criticism tend to develop much faster than those who are self-satisfied,” Gela Kenchuashvili, one of the organizing trio and participant, told GEORGIA TODAY.

The spring and autumn fine arts exhibitions have been distinguished by a diversity of genres and styles, which makes them far more attractive. Reportedly, painters of various nationalities have also participated. Mimo Mondal is a young painter from Bangladesh who is desperately in love with Georgia and especially Tbilisi. “It was really interesting for me to meet lots of good Georgian artists in person. I am thankful to the Center, as they suggested holding my solo exhibition free of charge in future.”

A number of local ethnic minorities also took part in the expo, setting it as an example of the character of Tbilisi, which has always been multiethnic and tolerant to other religions and nationalities.

The project is not only for professional artists. “I never painted before. My husband is a painter. When I watched him, I thought it looked very easy,” one amateur artist exhibited there, Nino Mikoiants, told GEORGIA TODAY. “One day, I was sitting at home looking after my kids. I really wanted something to do and I picked up a paintbrush. Now, every time I get tired of the housework, I immediately start painting and it helps me to relax. In this way, I convey my emotions.”

Nato Sirbiladze, a renowned female painter, has participated in all spring and autumn exhibitions. “Two years ago, painter Gia Markozashvili contacted us and printed a wonderful catalogue. Then he said: “Why don’t we do it every year? This gives an artist stimulus. We make new acquaintances, too.”

Temur Samadashvili, an experienced artist, told GEORGIA TODAY: “A group exhibition always gives you the possibility to estimate your own work against the background of others. No matter whether your colleagues are old or young, you can always see something interesting in their paintings. We were absolutely free in genres and topics. Here one can see landscapes, still lives, portraits, and more.”

Young female amateur painter Nino Dvalishvili, 24, is a lawyer by profession. “I paint abstraction as well as realistic works. I’m participating for the second time in the autumn and spring sessions. I started to paint just eight months ago. It is a great joy to spend hours painting and in the end to have somebody appreciate your work.”

Tsisana Marindashvili, Head of Fine and Applied Arts Direction of Folklore Center, told us: “We greatly support these seasonal exhibitions which feature interesting artists of different generations. Our next aim is to hold a display of portraits by great artistic names of Georgia.”

Maka Lomadze

07 April 2016 20:25