CineClub-CineDoc to Screen 'The Dazzling Light of Sunset'

Flanked by her phlegmatic sidekick, Dariko is the only outside broadcast journalist at a local Georgian television channel. With derisory resources, she races from one report to another to give an honest, if not objective, image of the current events that shape her environment; from the capture of a “giant” owl to the obituaries, where we learn that the bearer of the Soviet flag fluttering over the Berlin Reichstag in 1945 has just been buried, and the elections. A kaleidoscope of characters, places and happenings unveil the life and values in the small world of a Georgian town as Dariko takes the audience on a trip into the community’s moments of revelation.

The Dazzling Light of Sunset by Salome Jashi, screened as part of the monthly CineClub project in cooperation and partnership with CineDoc festival, is to be shown at Amirani cinema on Monday, February 27. After the screening, guests will have a chance to put their comments and questions to the director herself.

Founder of the production company Sakdoc Film, Salome Jashi graduated the State University in Tbilisi in 2002 and the Caucasian School of Journalism and Media in 2003, after which she worked for the Georgian Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2 as a journalist. Besides television production, she also creates short video installations. She finished her MA degree, subject documentary film, absolving her practice at the Department of Media Arts at the Royal Holloway, University of London. One of her student films was screened in the National Portrait Gallery within a discussion of self-portrait. At present, Jashi is working on several documentary projects.


Self-portrait One of Me (UK, 2006)

Rezistence pro Existence (Georgia, 2006)

Jejich Helicopter/ Their Helicopter (Georgia, 2006)

Pane ministre (Georgia, 2008)

Speechless (Georgia, 2009)

The movie will be screened in Georgian with English subtitles.

WHERE: Amirani cinema, Kostava Str.

WHEN: 19:00

TICKET: 3 GEL. Tickets may be purchased online at or at the cinema box office. Additionally, a donation of 2 GEL admission per person is requested to cover the cost of donations to the discussion group leaders, guest directors, film providers, etc.

Katie Ruth Davies

23 February 2017 22:00