Georgian Allies Condemn South Ossetian Referendum and Elections

Georgia's allies Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Ukraine do not recognize the elections and referendum on changing the name of Georgia’s Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) region held April 9.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania announces that it does not recognize the framework in which the so-called elections and the referendum took place or their results. Moreover, Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry condemns the continued steps towards the annexation of this Georgian region,” the statement of Lithuania MFA reads.

Estonia and Ukraine also denounced the developments in South Ossetia.

“Estonia finds these actions illegal and does not recognize the outcome of the elections. So-called elections and referendum undermine efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict and therefore damage security and stability in the region,” the statement of Estonian MFA reads. The statement says that Estonia reaffirms its resolute support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders. “South-Ossetia and Abkhazia are integral parts of Georgia,” the statement added.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also released a statement regarding the issue.

"Ukraine confirms its commitment to support political sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, and does not recognize the useless results of these events as well as any other misconduct by the Kremlin”, the statement says.

The MFA of the Czech Republic is also concerned about the developments in the breakaway regions of Georgia.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recognise the so-called parliamentary elections held in Abkhazia in March 2017, neither the presidential elections and referendum in Georgia’s region of South Ossetia held in April 2017. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity," the Czech MFA stated.


Thea Morrison

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11 April 2017 11:40