Georgian National Museum to Host Latin America & Caribbean Film-Screening

On April 24, the Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival was opened at the Georgian National Museum. Khatuna Totladze, Deputy Foreign Minister, and Gustavo Slauvinen, Deputy Foreign Minister of Argentina, opened the occasion. The event is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations.

The counterparts emphasized the importance of said bilateral relations, with the Argentinian delegation, headed by Slauvinen, also in Georgia to conduct bilateral political consultations. Following the speeches of the two deputy foreign ministers, the film ‘The Wind Journey’ was shown.

Directed by Colombian Ciro Guerra and screened as part of the official selection of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. The story follows a musician on a quest in the Colombian Caribbean to recover a musical instrument that, according to local legend, has been cursed by the Devil.

Last month, the Georgian National Museum hosted a four-day screening of documentary and fiction films from Colombia within its week-long celebration of the country’s culture and history.

The festival of Latin American Films will take place on April 29-30 in the auditorium of the Georgian National Museum. Entrance is free.

The program for the festival will open with Argentinian writer and director Sebastian Borensztein’s 2011 comedy Chinese Take-Away, the highest grossing film among non-United States productions in Argentina upon release. Following an Argentinian store owner and a Chinese visitor to the country, the film presents the two protagonists’ efforts to share their experiences without knowing each other’s language.

Films will be shown in original languages with English subtitles.

April 29:

Argentina: ‘Chinese Take-Away,’ directed by Sebastian Borensztein. 93 min.

Starts at 11:00

Colombia: ‘The Wind Journey,’ directed by Ciro Guerra. 117 min.

Starts at 13:00

Ecuador: ‘The Dirty Game,’ directed by Frank Bonilla. 60 min.

Starts at 15:00

Cuba: ‘Dancing with Margot,’ directed by Arturo Santana. 105 min.

Starts at 17:00

Guatemala: ‘Where the Sun was Born,’ directed by Elias Jimenes. 84 min.

Starts at 19:00

April 30:

Brazil: ‘The House of Sand’, directed by Fernando Molnar. 76 min.

Starts at 11:00

Honduras: ‘Eleven Cipots,’ directed by Tomas Chi. 76 min.

Starts at 13:00

Mexico: ‘The Dream of Mara Akam,’ directed by Federico Cecchetti. 90 min.

Starts at 15:00

Panama: ‘Get Out if you Can,’ directed by Ricardo Aguillar Navarro, Manuel Rodriguez. 97 min.

Starts at 17:00

Jamaica: ‘Songs of Redemption’ directed by Miquel Galofre, Amanda Sans. 78 min.

Starts at 17:00

The Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival will also host local students of Spanish Language and Cinema Art. Diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and film critics are also invited to the occasion.

WHERE: Georgian National Museum Auditorium, 1. Purtseladze Str. Tbilisi, Georgia.

WHEN: April 29-30


By Maka Lomadze

27 April 2017 18:56