Nino Surguladze: We Have Reunited with Love for Love

It has been seven years since the charity foundation ‘Dream Tree’, founded by the famous Georgian mezzo soprano Nino Surguladze, first began to unite numerous individuals, including world stars, to help children with serious illnesses needing treatment by way of an annual concert-marathon. On May 1, at the State Opera House of Georgia, the charity foundation Dream Tree and the company Socar, together with the Georgian TV Broadcaster, held the 7th such concert.

Distinguished guests of the foundation were: conductor, composer and pianist Ezio Bosso, soprano Carmen Giannattasio and pianist Oliver Poole. The orchestra of the Opera House participated in the concert, conducted by maestro Bosso. In 2016, Bosso, one of the biggest musicians in the contemporary world, was recognized in Italy as the most active and successful musician at whose concert over 100 thousand tickets were sold. In London, the press and critics were unanimous in acknowledging one of his concerts as the greatest event of the year.

Six years ago, Maestro Bosso discovered he was suffering from an incurable and fatal disease- lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis. In spite of this, Bosso did not stop and continued composing with even greater enthusiasm, creating and giving out a lot of positive energy and love. The Georgian audience also received this love from at the latest charity soiree. The musical pieces performed with untypical extraordinariness, sensation and emotion deserved great approval and ovation from the public. The maestro represented the world premier “Rain in her Black Eyes”, which he remade for the Tbilisi concert specially and rewrote for the whole orchestra. Maestro Bosso represented the highest class of musical performance, breaking all stereotypes and declaring that there are no disabilities.

Carmen Giannattasio, named one of the most talented sopranos of her generation, stepped forward to serenade the Georgian audience in solo parts as well as in duo with Nino Surguladze.

“I believe that the audience was very happy to meet Maestro Bosso, as well as to listen the music and enjoy the environment.” Nino Surguladze said. “More importantly, we will again help those who need our support. Our beneficiaries are in need of extra medical operations. We wish to bring our charity to the very end. Music is the universal language that unites everyone around love.”

“I’m the happiest man in the world, as I’m in a country which I have learned about only from books,” Bosso said. “I’m in an extremely wonderful theater, enjoying the opportunity to perform musical pieces with marvelous artists such as Nino Surguladze. I never thought that music could be helpful from this angle, but it has a power indeed, power to unite people around a kind activity.”

Carmen Giannattasio: “We, singers, enjoy a gift – our voices, which we should share with others. First, we should please the audience and secondly, use it as a remedy for souls and hearts. We should take part in such charity events in order to help those who badly need it. Let’s share our love, heart and soul with these children.”

Oliver Poole: “I’ve been Nino’s friend for quite a while. I’ve also made friends with Georgia. It’s a great honor for me to be participating in the charity marathon.”

As a result of the past events, and thanks to the engagement and help of Georgian society as well as renowned stars, Dream Tree was able to save the lives of 50 children, most of whom had treatment financed overseas and had much-needed major operations. To date, over 200 thousand calls have been taken on the charity phone number. It is constantly ongoing and everyone from any cell operator can call and donate at: 09 01 900 999.

Maka Lomadze

11 May 2017 18:26