Ex-President Urges Czech Republic to Leave EU

Czech Ex-President Václav Klaus says that it is time to start preparing the withdrawal of the republic from the European Union.

The European Commission (EC) decided to start a procedure that could lead to the imposition of sanctions against the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in connection with the violation, by the authorities of these countries, of arrangements for the distribution of refugees in Italy and Greece across the EU. According to the Czech media, following the EC's decision, official notification of violations committed are to be sent to the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. If the authorities do not change their position, the entire multi-stage procedure could end at the EU Court and with a monetary fine for each of the countries.

"From all this comes the only possible and, at the same time, the only necessary conclusion: it is time to begin to prepare the exit of our country from the European Union. This is the only way to preserve the state that we inherited from our ancestors and which should pass, as an original identity, to future generations," Klaus announced, going on to claim that the Czech Republic must not be allowed to become a multicultural community consisting of communities that are not adapted for co-existence.

"We protest the desire to punish us and force us to obedience," he said. "We reject the argument that we must "be present" in the so-called "solid nucleus" of the EU. Today, we are present in the EU but we do not make the decisions".

He claimed that in the EU, the voice of the Czech Republic is ignored. As for grants from European funds, according to Klaus, the Czech Republic does not need, "nor does it want them".

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Dimitri Dolaberidze

15 June 2017 19:41