Lithuania to Call Georgia 'Sakartvelo' along with 'Gruzija'

Lithuanian State Language Commission made a decision on April 5 to officially use Georgian word ‘Sakartvelo’ along with the Russian-origin word ‘Gruzija’ when referring to Georgia.

“The Commission will continue to discuss the specific formulation of the name, and later the decision will be made to adjust word ‘Sakartvelo’ to the linguistic peculiarities of the Lithuanian language,” the Embassy of Georgia in Lithuania stated.

The statement also reads that with this step Lithuania is the first country to refer Georgia with the word, established in the Georgian language.

“The Embassy of Georgia welcomes this step of the Republic of Lithuania, which is especially symbolic on the background of the close and friendly cooperation between Georgia and Lithuania,” the embassy added.

“It will be a unique gesture from the Republic of Lithuania, dedicated to the restoration of independence of Georgia and the first anniversary of the founding of the first democratic republic, celebrated on May 26, 2018,” the embassy said.

By Thea Morrison

06 April 2018 12:00