Ultra-Nationalist Group Georgian March Names Their Presidential Candidate

Far-fight, ultra-nationalist group Georgian March members have named their leader Sandro Bregadze as the Presidential candidate for October 2018 elections.

The information was released by Bregadze himself, who took Facebook to announce that other forces are afraid of his candidacy.

“I will not be the candidate of the Americans or Russians. I will be the presidential candidate of the Georgians,” Bregadze stated.

In early March the far right group released the information, saying Bregadze was severely beaten by the police and was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

However, the doctors declared Bregadze was fine and he had no health problems at all. They added the man insisted himself to spend several days in the hospital.

The photo of Bregadze, taken in the hospital, was followed by jokes in social media.

By Thea Morrison

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17 April 2018 14:11