Tbilisi Metro Workers to Strike on May 3

The trade union of Tbilisi Metro employees, “Unity 2013”, announced at a special press conference today that they will go on strike on May 3, which means the whole metro system will be paralyzed.

The members of Unity 2013, which unites around 250 people, request increased salaries, saying their existing remuneration is inconsistent with environmental conditions, working cycle or the responsibilities they have to face on a daily basis.

Earlier this month, metro workers addressed the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, demanding the appointment of a mediator, which resulted in a mediation process.

Last week, they held a meeting at the Mayor’s Office and with their employer company; however, they were refused a raise.

The lawyer of the metro employees says the mediation process has been unsuccessful, adding no agreement was reached. "As such, the metro drivers and other staff will stop working."

Unity 2013 started a legal dispute at court in March 2016 asking for improved labor and safety conditions and increased salaries but they failed to win the case.

By Thea Morrison

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30 April 2018 12:24