Georgia, the Tech-Hub Of Tomorrow

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Blockchain are humanity’s most innovative recent discoveries and will, without a doubt, shape our future in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Kepler Universe, the centrepiece of Kepler Technologies’ initial coin offering, is a platform that will allow up-and-coming geniuses from all around the world to connect and collaborate, setting the stage for hundreds of promising start-ups to actually achieve their limitless potential.

Connecting investors, inventors, innovators, distributors, and customers will make it possible for everyone to actually work on their mind-blowing projects, instead of having to go through the painful grind of fundraising and finding competent business partners with experience, and also getting help with all the legal work and patents.

Keplertek is based in Georgia because it is one of the most start-up and tech-friendly countries in the world, as can be seen by the enormous amount of miners and mining companies set up in the country. Its geographical proximity to both Europe and Asia is one of the most important and decisive factors in terms of international trade, which is further strengthened by a very accommodating tax policy.

The team of over 50 employees in Keplertek’s Tbilisi office is working non-stop to ensure the smooth development and launch of KEP and Kepler Universe, while the big plans for the 550,000 square feet of land offered by the Georgian government are moving ahead in a determined manner.

Kepler City, an R&D laboratory, a mega-factory, and even Kepler’s own educational campus will all be built on this beautiful property while being able to profit from high-profile partnerships with Tech Park Georgia and GITA, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency.

With a total tax rate of 16.4% (percentage of profits), tax levies are comparatively low and Tbilisi is not only very beautiful but also one of the safest cities in the world (according to crime statistics).

We will be keeping our eyes on this company just as they are keeping an eye on the future.

By Shawn Wayne

05 June 2018 12:33