ProCredit Bank Introduces Modern 24/7 Zones

ProCredit Bank continues to offer its customers exciting developments and innovative services. On Friday, 21 August at 12:00pm, a press conference was held at the Freedom Square Branch of ProCredit Bank to present the new 24/7 Zones to the press. General Director Asmus Rotne and the members of management discussed the 24/7 Zone concept, the high-tech machines available at these locations, and their advantages. Currently, the bank is actively setting up 24/7 Zones with state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide its customers with the maximum convenience and to make financial services available around the clock. Asmus Rotne, General Director of ProCredit Bank:“Currently, the introduction of 24-hour services is actively being carried out throughout the banking sector. However, ProCredit Bank offered the first self-service area to its customers a few years ago. Our clients expressed interest in having access to banking services around the clock. This has encouraged us to further improve our 24/7 Zones. We have been working on the convenience and design of the 24/7 Zones and it has ended up being a huge project which has completely changed the look of our Service Centres. The main section of each Branch has become a modern 24/7 Zone equipped with innovative devices that meet the needs of our business and private clients.” To make banking services more flexible and faster for both business and private clients, ProCredit is installing multifunctional devices at the 24/7 Zones, where its customers can perform 80-90% of their transactions (such as cash deposits/cash withdrawals, payments, transfers, etc.) at their convenience.For the first time in Georgia, clients of ProCredit Bank have the exclusive opportunity not only to withdraw money from ATMs, but also to deposit cash into their accounts, with the new Cash-in ATMs. One of the main advantages of this new equipment is speed: clients do not need to place notes in the ATM one by one, as the Cash-in ATM can process up to 50 notes at a time. In addition, the amount deposited is credited immediately to the account.Furthermore, ProCredit Drop-Boxes have been placed in 24/7 Zones. This service is designed for business clients and enables them to deposit large amounts of money into their accounts. The amount deposited using the ProCredit Bank Drop-Box is credited to the client’s account within seconds, making this service unique. It is important for ProCredit Bank that clients using 24/7 Zones can access banking services easily and independently. Therefore, another device - an Information Terminal - has been placed in 24/7 Zones. Besides conducting banking transactions, clients can query the locations of all ProCredit Bank Branches and ATMs, receive information about the bank’s fees, and use Internet Banking. Clients can also contact the Call Center using this device. In addition to being convenient and multi-functional, the 24/7 Zones are designed to provide clients with maximum comfort, so that they almost feel “at home”.

27 August 2015 21:29