Green Budapest: Ready for You to Select the Final Touches

Residential Complex Green Budapest construction is steaming ahead at top quality. The construction of the frame of the building has been completed and the internal repair work and faŠ·ade coverings has begun.

Maqro, the company behind the construction, is inviting its customers to help complete the project on time in August by asking them to choose the color of their decorative materials and furnishings (floors, walls, tiles and kitchen furniture).

The Company has been able ensure client satisfaction once again thanks to the effort and hard work of its employees. In an unprecedentedly short period of time, four months ahead of schedule to be exact, they will be delivering completed renovated apartments. This means that in May 2016, instead of the planned September 2016, clients will already be able to use all the services and enjoy the comfort they were promised by the company, namely, renovated apartments in a 11, 700 sq. m Euro-standard isolated residential complex consisting of four buildings of 15, 17, 22 and 23 floors.

All apartments will be delivered with a full bathroom set, kitchen furniture and built-in appliances.The complex is surrounded by 3,500 square meters of green, well-equipped, protected and isolated yard with a basketball court, treadmill, skateboard ramp and children’s playgrounds. The residential complex will further be equipped with a child care center and fitness room. Besides this, residents will enjoy their own parking spaces. The housing is provided with protection and security systems, water tanks and electrical generators.

Maqro’s management is offering its residents free services throughout an entire year that include residential area protection, cleaning, green area care-protection and use of the fitness center.

What’s more, even though construction will be completed earlier than originally planned, the Company’s management will still allow those clients taking advantage of the internal credit system to cover their loan according to the planned chart in September 2016.

These and many other pleasant surprises are given to customers by international company Macro Construction, whose main priority is to create high quality and maximum comfort for residents of its complexes. The proof of the pudding can now be seen in residential complex “Green Budapest”- unprecedented in Georgia in terms of construction pace, quality, safety, and environment, as well as in its consideration of resident health.

Meri Taliashvili

27 August 2015 21:33