Georgia Beats Russia in Global Inclusion Awards 2018

The National Bank of Georgia has won the 2018 Global Inclusion Award in the category of regional country. The Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation was also named within the same category and was defeated by the National Bank of Georgia. 

The Global Inclusion Awards 2018 took place on 3 July in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a CYFI initiative, which recognizes and honors those who achieve greatness in furthering the Economic Citizenship of children and youth at the national, regional and international level. The awardees demonstrate innovation in financial, social and livelihood education, financial inclusion and entrepreneurial support for children and youth. 

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) is the central bank of Georgia. Its status is defined by the Constitution of Georgia. The main objective of the National Bank is to ensure price stability. In 2016 it developed and approved the National Strategy for Financial Education. The mission of the strategy is to develop guiding principles and strategic directions for enhancing financial literacy level in Georgia. 

By Anna Zhvania

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04 July 2018 15:34