Russia Becomes Georgia’s Top Export Markets

The value of Georgian exports to Russia amounted to $396,672, making Russia the first largest destination for Georgian exports, reports the National Statistics Office of Georgia in a 2017 study of Georgian External Trade. This marks a 14.5% increase compared to the same period of 2016.

In 2017, Georgia exported $2,735,528, a 29.5% surge compared to 2016 and imported $7,939,163, an 8.8% increase.

The top trading partners by export are followed by Azerbaijan ($272,166), Turkey ($216,673), Armenia ($210,276), China ($201,701), Bulgaria ($186,852), Ukraine ($124,536), US ($121,794), Iran ($76,350) and Romania ($75,259).

Exports are dominated by copper ores and concentrates ($422M), faro-alloys ($306M), motor cars ($234M), wine of fresh grapes ($171M), medicaments ($140M), spirituous beverages ($126M), waters, natural or artificial mineral and aerated waters ($95M), hazelnuts and other nuts ($83M), mineral or chemical fertilizers ($76M) and gold unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms ($70M).

The top import destinations of Georgia include Turkey ($1,373,667), Russia ($796,654), China ($732,946), Azerbaijan ($553,712), Ukraine ($446,035), Germany ($433,501), Armenia ($281,322), US ($268,233), Italy ($217,991) and Romania ($191,032).

Imports are dominated by petroleum and petroleum oils ($697M), motor cars ($476M), medicaments ($344M), copper ores and concentrates ($33M), petroleum gases and other ($303M), telephone sets ($204M), cigarettes ($102M), wheat ($98M), automatic data processing machines and units thereof ($97M) and motor vehicles for the transport of goods ($72M).

By Anna Zhvania

Source: National Statistics Office of Georgia

17 July 2018 12:11