Geostat: Construction Permits Reduced by 1.4% Y/Y

Geostat has released statistics regarding building permits. According to the data, from January to June 2018, 4941 permits were granted for construction, which is 1.4% less compared to the same period of 2017.

72.4 % of permits were granted in three regions of the country: 46.8 % in Tbilisi, 14.3% in Adjara and 11.3% in the Kvemo Kartli region.

The permits were granted for multifunctional residential complexes, hotels, trade facilities, industrial enterprises, agricultural and other kinds of buildings.

The majority of the permits were granted for multifunctional residential complexes. More than half of the already constructed buildings are in the three regions: in Tbilisi- 29.3%, Kakheti Region- 16.3%, Kvemo Kartli Region- 11%.

In January-June 2018, 1163 objects were taken into exploitation, making up 928.9 thousand square meters.

By Mariam Kukhilava

30 July 2018 18:29