Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Longest Reigning Monarch Title

Today Great Britain will celebrate Elizabeth II surpassing her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, as the longest reigning Monarch. Elizabeth has been on the throne 63 years and six months.

As well as being Britain’s longest reigning monarch, today Elizabeth will also take the title of world’s longest reigning monarch.

On September 9th, at around 17:30 local time, she will surpass the reign of Victoria and become the longest-reigning head of state.

British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that millions of Britons would celebrate this ‘historic moment’ with the Queen.

He said “over the last 63 years, Her Majesty has been a rock of stability in a world of constant change and her selfless sense of service and duty has earned admiration not only in Britain, but right across the globe.

“It is only right that today we should celebrate her extraordinary record, as well as the grace and dignity with which she serves our country.”

Buckingham Palace marked the occasion by releasing a new official photograph of the Queen taken by Mary McCartney, daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney.

Queen Elizabeth II, 89, was crowned in 1953 at the very end of the British Empire, as Britain slowly emerged from the ravages of World War II. At that time the monarchy was a distant institution in a country where food rationing was still in place and the social classes clearly distinct.

Her coronation the following year was the first to be televised.

Elizabeth was born April 21st 1926 as the eldest daughter to the Duke and Duchess of York, later known as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and educated privately at home.

Her Father took to the throne after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII in 1936, whereupon she became the heir apparent.
She began to undertake public duties during the Second World War, in which she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

In 1947 she married Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with whom she has four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Winston Churchill described the wedding as a ‘flash of colour’ during the immediate post-war years. She even used ration coupons to get cloth for her dress.

In 2002, at 76 years of age, Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest monarch to celebrate a Golden Jubilee.

Photo: Mary McCartney,  Buckingham Palace.

Tamar Svanidze

09 September 2015 13:50