Georgian Wine Brand Mtevino Now in Brooklyn Stores

A new Georgian wine brand has entered the American market; ‘Mtevino’s’ wines are now in New York City stores. The company made a celebratory Facebook post regarding the news.

“Mtevino is already in the USA! We are glad to inform our fellow countrymen and not only them – you can taste a very special Georgian wine – Mtevino in Brooklyn, NY,” reads the post.

Mtevino wines are currently available in two Brooklyn stores: 1966 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn NY “5 stars” and 127 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn NY “liquid store”.

A modern conceptual space based on Georgian guest-host traditions Winery Mtevino is a new Georgian wine-producing company. 

Having entered the wine-producing business in 2020, under its brand name Mtevino unites a hotel and wine cellar, located in the village of Khashmi, Sagarejo district, 40 km from Tbilisi.

“Mtevino is the perfect place to discover Georgian wine and wine traditions,” said the company representatives and their quick success is perhaps a testament to that.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

05 February 2021 21:06