High Rate of Students Quit School in Georgia in 2016-2017

Interpressnews reports that information provided by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia atates that 11,741 students dropped out of school over the course of 2016 to 2017.

Official data states that 3,441 students dropped out at the middle level (10-12 grade), while 8,300 quit school at the basic level (7-9 grade).

Most of the students quitting school were segregated in Tbilisi. More specifically, 2,168 pupils quit middle school while 1,348 left primary school.

Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti were the next largest regions to have observed students leaving schools. 1,835 students did not pursue a higher education in Kvemo Kartli and 828 students stopped primary school. 891 students quit school at middle level and 327 - at primary level.

The reasons behind quitting school were provided by the Ministry of Education according to data provided by the school administration. In the 2016-2017 academic year, 96 students did not pursue education in primary school, while 78 quit middle school due to illness.

Within the same academic year, 64 students did not continue studying in primary school, while 38 quit middle school due to death. 14 students in primary school and 243 students in middle school quit due to marriage.

Other reasons for the termination of education, as the Ministry of Education states, is caused by moving abroad with family, start work, school expulsion and others.

In particular, in the course of the 2016-17 academic year, 1,618 pupils from primary school went abroad together with family, while 399 left the middle level. 863 students stopped studying at the middle school in order to work and 2,118 students continued to study in vocational college.

Additionally, 66 students quit primary school as they did not appear in school for over 90 days, while 65 did so at middle school. 159 were expelled from school and 5,920 did not pursue education for other related reasons.

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Interpressnews


14 August 2018 13:28