Green Budapest Awards 200th Resident

The international holding Maqro Construction is again in your service and promises a number of pleasant surprises its residents. The company’s main priority is quality and to create a maximum comfort. The perfect example of it is a residential complex Green Budapest which is an unprecedented in Georgia with its construction pace, quality, and safety and caring of ecology and human health. It strives not only to offer its residents the best living conditions, but also make them happy with gifts and unexpected pleasant surprises. The project Green Budapest is expected to end next spring. The residents are in pleasant preparation process. The company has already granted amazing presents to its 1st, 100th and 200th residents. George Nozadze from Batumi, Marina Revia from Tbilisi and the family emigrated from Georgia to the USA which is 200th on the list have been awarded with home appliances – washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher which will be in their apartments.

Thanks to the company’s team effort and proper management, the clients once again are happy to receive their completely repaired apartments within accelerated time frame, four months ahead of schedule. In May, 2016, instead of September, they will be able to enjoy all the services and comfort, the company has promised them. Specifically 11,700 sq. m renovated apartments in euro standard isolated residential complex consisting four A, B, C and D buildings. The apartments are delivered with completed bath room, kitchen furniture and built-in appliances. The complex is surrounded with 3500 sq. m green and well-protected isolated yard with basketball court, treadmill, skateboard ramp, children’s playgrounds. There will be a child care center and fitness hall in the residential complex. Besides, the residents will enjoy their own parking spaces. The housing is provided with modern protection and security systems, water tanks and generators. During a year, the residential area protection, fitness center service, territory and entrance space cleaning, caring and maintenance of green area will be free of charge.

Despite early completion of construction, company management enables clients who use an internal credit to continue to pay the loan in accordance with the timetable.

Maqro Construction awaits its fourthresident which will be awarded by promised household appliances.

Another present the company is going to give is that at the completion of the residential complex, raffle will reveal one of the tenants, who will become the owner of a car.

Life prepares lots of gifts especially when you are a resident of Green Budapest!

10 September 2015 21:15