Beer is Good For You…

Wow, we really had the weather fit for beer in August! Beer beckoned us itself, as they say. September is going to be like this as well, promising many new friendships. You do remember that beer is a surefire way of forging friendships, don’t you? Read on to find out more interesting traits this wonderful beverage is rich with.

1. Beer is a natural product. It can’t not be natural, since intake would otherwise be impossible. Beer may even be more natural than the milk or fruit juice that we buy every day.

2. Beer improves your inner rhythm. The inner rhythm being, of course, our heartbeat. According to recent studies, a measured intake of beer positively affects the heart muscle and helps its functioning.

3. Drinking beer will give your mind a workout. Let’s first agree on the fact that beer won’t turn you into Einstein, but it will contribute in stimulating your brain if drank systematically and in good measures. In a study that involved 40 people made to solve verbal tests while watching a movie, those whose blood contained 0.75 alcohol performed better in the assignment.

4. A measured intake of beer lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes. It took years and studying the health of 38,000 people for Danish scientists to confirm this. Those with a moderate affinity to beer exhibited much fewer signs of Type 2 diabetes. The main point here was a moderated and regular intake of beer, which always helps.

5. Beer commands taste. This beverage has a unique feature: it is an impeccable taste diluter, which means it goes really well with lots of dishes. Be it vegetables, baked goods or meat dishes, beer holds a secret by which, instead of taking away from the taste [of the food], it enhances and enriches it with more taste. Meaning beer will help you fall in love with food.

6. And, lastly, beer is the medicine for self-confidence. A study was conducted in Great Britain where people were asked to make speeches, after which they had to evaluate their own performance and appearance. Here too, regular beer aficionados confessed to having been more self-confident.

So that is that, friends: beer is medicine if used in careful doses. Mevlud likes beer and loves you, which is why in subsequent posts we’ll talk about more interesting topics regarding the beverage that we all love.

10 September 2015 21:24