Green Fest to be Held September 19th

The Rikhe Park will host a political festival called “Green Fest”, the first of its kind organised by young Greens On September 19th – 20th. 

Several issues will be discussed at the Festival including; education, environmental issues, labour rights and many other important topics.

Attendees will also have a chance to participate in official panel activities as well as panel discussions.

Finally the festival will end with a musical gala show.

The Young Greens Organisation believes that political activity and social engagement are the most important things to discuss and are going to use all the tools in their arsenal to deconstruct the stereotypical notion of politics.

The festival will take place at Rikhe Park and all participants will be allowed to express their opinions.

The festival will start at 12:00pm on 19th September and finishes the following day at 00:00.

A statement by the Young Greens reads “create a Green order! Solidarity and direct action are necessary to achieve social justice and equality.” 

Nina Ioseliani

16 September 2015 18:06