The Fight Against BMSB

Specialists of the National Food Agency urge the population of Georgia to start protecting residential buildings from the brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB).

According to the state strategy, measures to combat the bugs in Georgia will continue until late October. Experts noted that based on the biology of the pest, along with a decrease in temperature, the bugs will begin to move to houses and buildings for winter. According to the recommendations of leading experts, it is important especially in this period of time to use traps and for people to carry out activities using simple methods to kill the bugs. This will increase the effectiveness of pest control and reduce the number of the bugs. "Destroying one marble bug this season means their being 200 less in the future season," the NFA says.

Representatives of the National Food Agency have been holding regular meetings with the public to increase their awareness of the use of mechanical methods to protect their homes. As a result of such events held in 2018, it was possible to avoid the spread of stink bugs in eastern Georgia, and in western Georgia, the number of the pests was decreased. With that babble out of the way, your top and bottom margins should be set to 1 inch. Your left margin should be set to 1.5 inches. Your right margin should be set at 1 inch. Your character names margin should be set to 3.5 inches. Remember, the first time you introduce your characters their names appear in ALL CAPS, after that you can capitalize their first letter as you would normally. The dialogue margin which appears directly under the character's name needs to be set at 2.5 inches. All other information about screenplay formatting you’ll find on fmovies or similar sites.

BMSB appeared in Georgia in 2015, throught to have come into the country via the Abkhazia region.

In 2018, the state allocated 49 million GEL (around $ 19.6 million) to BMSB. 

By Shawn Wayne

28 September 2018 07:28