CIPDD Innovative Method of Drinking Water for Village Olaverdi

Caucasus Institute for Peace Democracy and Development introduced an innovative method of drinking water supply in village Olaverdi. The village is located 2,000 meters above sea level, near the mountain Abuli with 100 households. Olaverdi, despite being rich of water resources still lacks of drinking water. A large part of the population (about 80%) is left without drinking water. As a result, the local people and mostly women are forced to take water by hand or transport to their houses. Water has only the residents living in the houses nearby the waters resources individually with pipes put in the water. The problem was water supply system. In 2011-2014 with the help of village program, 45 119 Gel was spent on drinking water rehabilitation. The village purchased electro pump, changed water pipelines. Villagers tried to solve the problem with the working of water pumping electro engine. However, the residents could not pay monthly fee of electricity about 2500 Gel and were forced to switch off the electro pump.

CIPDD with a joint initiative of the village community managed to solve the problems of so many years. CIPDD decided to buy Soso Narchemashvili invented water pump Irekson. The device works without electricity and any energy sources. At this moment the pump is working in test mode and according to the power regulation provides tank with 120-180 tons of water for 24 hours.

A non-governmental organization Caucasus Institute for Peace Democracy and Development has been implementing “Local initiatives for local development” project financed by German Brot fьr die Welt since 2014. The project included Tbilisi and four Georgian regions Kvemo Kartli, Adjara, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Shida Kartli. It aims to promote the development of those regions; to help the population in poverty reduction, community mobilization and carrying out the certain measures to solve the identified problems.

24 September 2015 21:12