Perfect your body at Body Care

Body Care is a body correction center. Since 2003 the professional and experienced staff of this center has worked to achieve the beauty and perfect body shape for each and every one of our customers, with individually tailored methods.

What to expect from Body Care:

* Weight loss

* Correction of any problematic zone of your body

* Individual prescription of procedures

* Prescription of a special diet (following analysis of your favorite products, blood group and other factors)

* Relaxing massages

* Free consultation

Complex program of body correction includes a number of special procedures which are prescribed individually (weight loss + correction, afterwards - sealing). The duration of each procedure is 1.5 – 2 hours and consists of 2 components – hand massage and treatment with apparatus.

The course of body correction involves various procedures: Vacuum massage, Honey massage, Limph Drainage massage, Anti-Cellulite massage with special cream, Mund and Clay packing, Sauna, Hydro massage, Brazilian massage... During a special course you can lose weight, get rid of cellulite and correct any problematic zone of your body.

In Body Care you have the chance to try different kinds of modern apparatus, well known in modern esthetical medicine, like Phressotheraphy, Cavitation, Vacuum, Miostimulation, Lifting, Intralipid Therapy, and more. With this apparatus it is possible to improve the proportion of your silhouette and stimulate deep fat destruction. After such basic treatment, our experienced and professional staff at Body Care will “sculpt” your body.

The results of a well-selected complex course:

* Weight correction (8-15 kg per course)

* Recovery of skin color

* Cellulite eradication

* Reparation of stretched skin and recovery of its structure

* Correction of problematic zones

* Swell removal, detox-effect

* Removal of pain problems (during course)

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