Emma Watson to Marry Georgian Rugby Player Matthew Janney

Actress Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter,  and Georgian rugby player Matthew Janney (Mate Janashvili) are planning to get married.

The 23 year old English born Janney currently plays for Oxford University.  

He began his rugby career at Richmond Football Club (RFC). Janney's ancestors fled Georgia in 1921, the family has lived in England since.

“In my childhood, my grandmother told me that my family was from Eastern Europe. She never used to talk about it. When she passed away, I had many questions, who I was, and decided to investigate it, by helping my uncle. We researched that my great granddaddy was from Tbilisi and his surname was Janashvili.” Janney said.

“Once, when our team was playing against Russia, we lost. But I was chosen as the best player. My trainer told them that my ancestors were from Russia. After that Russians were interested in it and began an investigation. Finally, we found that I’m Georgian. After that, my dream was to play rugby in the name of Georgia.” Janney added.

Janney contacted the Georgian Rugby Federation and offered to play with them. Initially it was problematic, as he needed certain documents in order to play in Georgia.

The Georgian Federation reached out to the World Rugby Federation. Shortly after, Janney was allowed to play with the Georgian team. Janney has since received Georgian citizenship.

The 24 year old Harry Potter star Emma Watson first started dating the Oxford University rugby player Matthew Janney late last year. Despite gossip surrounding their relationship, the couple plans to marry.

Source: OK Magazine Georgia

Nina Ioseliani

01 October 2015 15:33