World Bank Research Results on Georgia: Positive

The World Bank has revealed a new study on Georgia comprising areas of political stability, laws rate and government efficiency.

According to the study, Georgia’s rating in terms of political stability improved in 2014 compared to 2012. Georgia, with a percentage rate of 24.6% in 2012 increased to 35.9% in 2014, followed by its neighbors, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. 

Secondly, the government says Georgia’s stance in terms of right of expression and accountability have also advanced. Precisely, the rate was measured 49.8% in 2012 while 55.7% in 2014. In terms of right of expression and accountability, Georgia is followed by Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Reportedly, in the newly released long-term governance study, more than 200 countries were evaluated according to six core indicators, in which Georgia is named a 2014 frontrunner with all increased indicators fixed.

The study says the laws quality rate was 79.3% in 2014 up from 72.7% in 2012. Notably, Georgia’s standing has improved by 13 steps, being ranked at 44th among 210 states. Significantly, countries such as Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, and others lag behind Georgia. 

The study cites the governmental efficiency rate has increased in an unprecedented manner during the last 18 years, having reached 71.6% for 2014. The same rate in 2012 was 69.9%. 149 countries, including Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Russia, and others lag behind Georgia according to this rate.

Author analysis:

Undoubtedly, Georgia, with her successful public reforms, has been a pioneer among her neighbors and other partner countries, including some EU member states. Combating corruption and organized crime, encouraging competitiveness in state institutions, rapid economic growth and overall potential made the country ambitious enough to loudly state her EU and NATO aspirations.

Moreover, significantly, those who had doubts towards Georgia’s democratic advancement, including Germany, have been met by democratic elections in the country, which considerably improved the overall political development in and Georgia’s international image in terms of Euro-Atlantic integration.

Steven Jones

01 October 2015 20:09