Make the Future Green - Successful Project with “GIZ”

The Company “Saqartvelos Nergebi” (Georgian Seedlings) was founded in 2011. It is one of the largest sapling economies in Georgia and works on an issue which is vitally important for our country by taking an active part in projects pertaining to the spheres of greening and biodiversity. A successful young leader, Giorgi Abramishvili, specialist of business management by profession, runs the Saqartvelos Nergebi. He stands out for his experience and professionalism, is principled and demanding in business, and friendly and attentive in attitude.

Giorgi Abramishvili: today Saqartvelos Nergebi is a serious producer and importer company; we offer the population evergreen decorative plants as well as diverse saplings of fruit trees; forest sorts – cypress, Pinuseldarica, lime-tree, ash-tree, maple, oak and all at the best available prices. The company has large sapling economies in Kvareli and in Supsa, where the selection of Georgian and foreign sorts and restoration of unique sorts takes place. During each season we carry out sowing, budding and engrafting, so that we have constantly available produce. We collaborate with the sapling industries of European countries; we remain stable and reliable partners with Tbilisi City Hall and take an active part in the actions of greening of the capital city. Our slogan – “Make the future green” reflects precisely the activities of Saqartvelos Nergebi. This spring, we have already planted up to 10,000 trees within the area of Tbilisi. As soon as I came to the company, we elaborated a new strategy and we have adopted many rational and fruitful decisions together with our co-workers. Let me present the members of our group: Victoria Begeladze (PR office), Paata Togonidze (dendrologist), Vazha Baidoshvili (forester, sapling economy of Kvareli), and Oneri Dzadzua (specialist of the sapling economy of Supsa). We process individual and batch orders both on imported and local products.

Regarding our current project, we are aiming to protect Dedoplistskaro from desertification and are implementing our actions upon the order of the society of international collaboration, GIZ. This project foresees the restoration of windbreaks in Dedoplistskaro and we actively got involved in this initiative, which seems very promising for the country. In three rows, each of 2000 m length, there 2070 saplings were planted of eight species. So far, the rate of survival of the plants is 100%. Our employees periodically visit the spot and take care of the plants. Such an action of care was last implemented on 5 May 2015.

Our plans foresee strengthening and developing the seedling industries of Supsa and Kvareli and the future opening of gardening centers in Kutaisi and Batumi.

Meri Elen

28 May 2015 22:45