GOMI Rebranded: New Look, Best Quality

GOMI, the Georgian alcoholic product manufacturing company, is the largest in the country to deliver high quality spirits, which it has done so for more than a century. A study has shown that vodka produced by Gomi, compared to Russian and Ukrainian vodka, is smoother to drink and thus more in demand by the population. At this moment, the company is undergoing a rebranding process that will allow its loyal customers to get even better quality at a lower price.

Georgia Today met with Gomi General Director, David Dugladze, to find out more about Gomi Company.

Q: What is the purpose of the rebranding?

A: Gomi offers a wide variety of products in different consumer segments according to taste. Now, we are going through a rebranding process and as a result we will offer our faithful customers an even higher quality product at a favorable price. Gomi, with an upgraded package, will offer its clients an improved quality of vodka.

Q: What are the advantages of the Georgian wheat you use for making vodka?

A: Gomi vodka is made from the finest quality Georgian wheat spirit and we source our water from the icy ridges of the Caucasus at the company’s factory. It should be noted that Gomi is the only company which uses wheat to make vodka. Georgian wheat, as well as wine, has a century-long history. Out of the existing 23 kinds of wheat in the world (I don’t include wild species), 14 are Georgian, including: dika, copy, tavtukhi (Triticum durum), ipkli, and dolispuri. Georgian wheat is characterized by its diversity and unique taste, which distinguishes our vodka from its competitors.

Q: What is the theme you have chosen for the new packaging?

A: We have created Gomi Lux, Gomi original and Gomi Prestige new packaging, and we are gradually supplying shops with the new production. On the packaging we focused on unique Georgian wheat and the fact that the spirit made from it gives Gomi vodka a special flavor and distinguishes it from its competitors.

Q: Do you think it will compete with imported vodka?

A: As a result of rebranding, Gomi vodka will become more competitive on the Georgian vodka market. Special emphasis is on production quality as well as visually and technologically. The improved Gomi, in terms of quality, will freely compete with imported vodka, among them Russian and Ukrainian. What’s more, in terms of price it will be more acceptable for customers. We have conducted customer research in order to assess Gomi Prestige taste quality with respect to competitors. Results have shown that Gomi vodka is the first in terms of being a positively evaluated spirit (total of first and second named vodkas). Gomi Prestige was largely estimated as a pleasantly drinkable spirit with good qualities. According to research, Gomi vodka is also most appreciated amongst Russian and Ukrainian vodkas for its taste qualities.

Meri Taliashvili

28 May 2015 22:46