Innova Clinic Opens in Tbilisi

On October 1st 2015 a new multifunctional clinic, Innova, opened its doors on Sandro Euli Street, Tbilisi.

The clinic’s main areas of work will include neurosurgery, gynecology, traumatology and general surgery.

The head of Innova, Giorgi Kipiani, stated at a press conference:

“We are very pleased to open a new multifunctional clinic in Tbilisi. Innova is equipped with ultra-modern medical technology. We have gathered the best specialists of the South Caucasus region in our clinic. Starting today, the population of Georgia will have an opportunity to get medical treatment of highest quality at our clinic. A large portion of Georgia’s population is enrolled in the Universal Healthcare program. Today there is no medical center that is not part of Universal Healthcare program, so we are also going to be cooperating with this program.”

Founded by Tbilisi Central Hospital, Innova is the Hospital Group’s second all-new medical facility. The project was fully financed by the Bank of Georgia.

The Bank of Georgia has been actively in the healthcare field in Georgia for a few years now. The bank plans to continue crediting in order to financially assist healthcare projects.

“Today yet another high-tech medical center opened in Tbilisi. I am delighted that the clinic has been equipped with the latest technology since the first phase of its design. The clinic has a well-thought out fully functional equipment. Such technology will allow the clinic’s personnel to aptly respond to any new challenges facing it.

Innova is practically a universal center. There are more than 104 beds in the clinic, along with the large ambulatory. I wish success to my colleagues,” Minister of Health David Sergeenko stated.

The Deputy Director-General of the Bank of Georgia added “The Bank of Georgia is very active in financing the health sector. We have financed this group’s three projects already. The previous 2 projects were very successful. I am sure this project will also be very successful.”

The Innova clinic has 7000 square meters of space and is equipped with the latest medical technology. It has 8 operational blocks, 30- bed reanimation and a 70-spot hospital. The clinic also has a high-tech diagnostic center where several doctors are going to work together.

02 October 2015 15:55