First Ever Tbilisi Pride to Take Place in June

Tbilisi Pride will take place 18 - 23 June in Tbilisi, the first event of its kind to take place in Georgia.

The LGBTQ community often faces difficulties in Georgia, a traditionally conservative country. In 2013, a small pro-gay rights demonstration in Tbilisi was met violently by anti-demonstrators. Organizers of Tbilisi Pride requested Georgia Today take down a previous report about the upcoming event fearing it may prevent the event from taking place.

Nonetheless, Georgia is changing. The Bassiani protests in May 2018 revealed a progressive heart in Tbilisi and the strength of the voice of Tbilisi’s youth. The community is slowly gaining more support. Last week, Equality Movement, a gay rights organization, opened BallRoom Bar, a new cafe-bar in Tbilisi geared towards the LGBTQ community and its supporters.

“The pride will be concluded with a March of Dignity, which will not take a festive shape since unfortunately we queers have little to celebrate in Georgia today,” read a statement by the organizers. Tbilisi pride hopes to give a positive voice to the LGBTQ community and shine light on inequality in Georgia.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Tbilisi Pride Facebook

20 February 2019 08:32