Charity Event: FUN FOR HELP on October 9th

Charity organization ‘Wehelp’, Bread Bar, Siketisperi have gathered together to invite you to FUN FOR HELP on October 9th at the former hippodrome.

People will be able to hear some famous musical bands, have a chance to get involved with the Colour Festival and various sporting activities such as cycling and marathon running.

People will also be able to participate in competitions such as a Beer Pong Championship.

Anyone who wishes to participate can download the form here 

Winners will be awarded with special gifts.

Live music will be on throughout the event and during the closing ceremony you will be able to let off your own sky lanterns.


Activities taking place between 17:00 and 21:00

1.       Colour Fest

2.       Group Marathon (Cycling, Running)

3.       Parkour show

4.       Beer Pong Championship

5.       Sky Lanterns

Live Concert between 21:00- 00:00 featuring

1.       Third Side Justice

2.       Three Missed Calls

3.       Ducktape

4.       Frikk One Sees

5.       Natural Life

Nina Ioseliani

06 October 2015 16:07