Georgian Passport Advances in Global Index Rating

Georgian passport has advanced by one step in the 2019 Global Rating of Henley & Partners, taking 49th place.

The index says citizens of Georgia can travel without a visa or through simplified procedures to 114 countries.

Georgia’s neighbor Armenia is in 78th place in the rating, Azerbaijan – 73rd, Turkey – 50th and Russia – 47th.

“In Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine holds 1st place, Moldova holds 2nd place, and Russia holds 3rd place. Moldova has climbed 21 places since 2009, while Ukraine has climbed 22 places. Georgia, in 4th, has climbed 17 places,” the index reads.

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Germany are at the top of the list. Citizens of these countries can travel through simplified procedures to 189 countries.

The comprehensive website ranks all the world passports according to countries their citizens can visit visa-free. It uses the data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the world’s largest database of travel information. 

By Thea Morrison

27 March 2019 13:17