Israeli-Georgian Art Exhibit on View at Tbilisi History Museum

Desert, Stones and Cities, a joint international exhibition project with gallery Skitsa in Jerusalem, is on view at the Tbilisi History Museum.

The exhibit is part of an international cultural exchange between Georgia and Israel. Several exchange projects will be set up in the following years to develop close collaboration in the art scene between the two countries. The project is to educate and expose the work of the artists from the respective countries.

The artists in Desert, Stones and Cities in Georgia are Alexey Dimitriev (Altai) and Anatoly-Shmuel Schelest from Israel, and Mamuka Tsetkheladze from Georgia. The artists on view at gallery Skitsa in Israel are Lia Shvelidze and Mamuka Tsetskhladze.

The opening event will be held today at 6 P.M. at the Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum and will last until 27th October.

Address: Tbilisi History Museum, (Karvasla) Sioni Str. 8

Nina Ioseliani

15 October 2015 14:19