US to Invest $10 MLN in Livestock Development in Georgia

The United States Department of Agriculture launches a new project with the Farmers Association of Georgia, Land O'Lakes International Development and Michigan State University which will promote farmers to improve food safety standards and quality.

The project is financed by the US Department of Agriculture under the Food for Progress Program and envisages allocating of more than $10 million to improve food safety and quality standards in milk and meat industries in Georgia.

Other goals of the project are to increase agricultural productivity and expand trade among more than 54,000 direct program participants, primarily in the East-West Highway corridor.

Moreover, the project will incorporate technical assistance from Land O’Lakes International Development, leveraging the organization’s innovative, demand-driven approach to improve food safety and quality along with Georgia’s dairy and meet value chains from farm to table.

By Thea Morrison



28 May 2019 22:27