Support From New York for Tbilisi Flood Victims

New York residents are supporting the victims of the June 13th flood, which devastated parts of Tbilisi.

Many charity events have been held since June to help the people who suffered the flood, but a new initiative started to further aid the residents of the most heavily damaged area, Svanidze Street.

The collection was organized by Lela Chelidze, a Georgian New Yorker, and a total of 16,600 GEL was raised.

Refrigerators and washing machines were among some of the items donated.

Nino Shonia, a flood victim currently living on Nutsubidze Street, says this is the first time she received aid.

“Today is my birthday, and I’m a lucky one. I got a gift, it’s a washing machine,” Nino said.

17 October 2015 16:31