Time Lord to visit Tbilisi

David Allen will conduct a master class in Tbilisi on October 31st. Allen, sometimes referred to as Time Lord, designed the time management method Getting Things Done (GTD), and authored a book of the same title.

Allen’s time management method is very popular in the corporate world. GTD is used by the world’s most successful organizations, such as the World Bank, Harvard University, Nestle, and others.

Allen’s popularity peaked when his book became a bestseller. Two million sold copies of the book taught its readers a simple method on how to implement plans in minimum time.

Allen writes about stress free productivity and teaches his readers that if we try to collect our thoughts and concentrate on only one thing, the day will be more productive and we’ll have more energy.
After 30 years of practicing his method, Allen now travels the world and shares his knowledge.

His visit to Georgia was initiated by the Georgian consulting company, Prospectus.

The master class will take place at Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi and will host 350 attendees. Ticket price is €315.

Ana Akhalaia

17 October 2015 17:15