Ancient Georgian and Arabic Writing on Display in Qatar

Arabic and Georgian writing dating from the 10th to early 20th century has gone on display in Qatar.

According to the Peninsula news website, an exhibition named ‘Writing Cultures- Manuscripts from Georgia’ opened in Katara Cultural Village on Sunday.

The exhibition features Arabic and Georgian writing preserved by the National Center of Manuscripts and the National Library of Georgia.

“I am delighted seeing a cultural exchange between Georgia and Qatar developing steadily. Together with our partners, we invite visitors to come, discover their heritage. Draw comparisons and see how intertwined cultures were when geography mattered more and people and ideas still travelled overland,” Georgian Ambassador Ekaterine Meiering-Mikadze stated.

The exhibition features enlarged reproductions of outstanding manuscripts showcasing an extensive history of Arabic and Georgian works in various branches of knowledge.

They range from 10th century Quran fragments, theological commentaries and medieval illuminated gospel manuscripts to juridical treatises in Arabic and legal deeds issues by Georgian kings.

The epic ‘Knight in the Panther’s Skin’ by 12th century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli is on display as well, nestled among the other unique writings on display.

Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine, widely used in Europe until the 16th century, is also on display along with the Book of Healing by Zaza Panaskerteli, a Georgian 15th century scholar who’s work related to Georgia’s Greco-Russian heritage.

The exhibition was organised by the Georgian Embassy and Qatar National Library (QNL.)

20 October 2015 12:18