Georgian Wine Celebrated in US this Month

The United States has declared October as Georgian Wine Month. Throughout the month Georgia’s National Wine Agency has sponsored a variety of events in the US. People who attended got to have a taste of national wine and meet the wine makers themselves. Lisa Granik, a woman crazy about Georgian wine, led the wine tasting ceremony and made a presentation about the Georgian wine industry and its illustrious history.

“Wine is so much a part of Georgian life,” Granik stated, “vines grow like ivy.”

At the end of the ceremony guests got to taste a number of Georgian wines and had the opportunity to meet several wine consultants as well as winery owners and winemaker Malkhaz Jakeli.

14 Georgian wineries were present at the event and these included: Bagrationi 1882, Jakeli, Sarajishvili, Telavi Wine Cellar, Lagvinari, Orgo, Our Wine, Pheasant’s Tears, Schuchmann, Shalauri, Shalvino, Teliani Valley, Vinoterra and Wine Man.

“While we tasted wines we were offered numerous hors d’oeuvres. Everything was very enjoyable including the many conversations with fellow wine lovers. One of the many people attending was Nina Kalandia, who is an enthusiastic supporter of all things Georgian and is currently focused on producing the film The Land of 8000 Vintages,” Kathy Sullivan stated.

People who missed out on this year’s event, all you need to do is visit Georgia and enjoy Georgian wines yourself! Or you could wait for next October’s Wine Month in 2016! 

Nina Ioseliani

21 October 2015 17:54