Axis Towers Tbilisi Project Resumes

With the support of the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, the Axis Towers project has been resumed after seven years. The total cost of the project so far has been $83 million.

The presentation for the relaunch of the project was attended by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, who expressed his hope that the project would be a significant contributor to the development of tourism.

The Georgian Co-Investment Fund and Axis have contributed equally to the Axis Towers implementation. Co-Investment made it possible to resume the suspended project, which now has a new completion time of 2017.

Axis Towers is a completely Georgian project. It is being carried out by specialists who are being actively supported by international experts.

“This project will employ at least 1000 people and several hundred people will be permanently employed after the completion of the construction,” the Prime Minister stated.

Garibashvili went on to say that the multifunctional complex will consist of two 41-storey skyscrapers, one made of glass and the other of stone.

Axis Towers will be the tallest buildings in Tbilisi, standing 147m in height. The towers will cover 94’000m2 and will have an underground car park suitable for 500 cars.

The glass tower will be a hotel operated by the French international brand Pullman. An A-class business center will function in the same tower with 15’000m2 of office space. A final 15’000m2 of residential apartments will be available in the stone tower.

Ana Akhalaia

21 October 2015 18:03