Protest in front of Rustavi 2 TV’s Building

Protesting in Tbilisi has taken a new turn; after Rustavi 2 TV anchor’s controversial insult of Vladimer Putin on National television, Georgians have a new issue to protest.

A group of civilians gathered around Rustavi 2 TV building around 11 PM on a Sunday night. The protest almost went on for the whole night and ended at 4 AM on a Monday morning.

Protestors stole the Rustavi 2 TV microphone sponge from the journalist. The police organized a “hallway” for the journalist to safely depart from the channel’s territory.

Late at night, the participants of the protest established 2 demands against the channel of Rustavi 2: police must start investigation about Gabunia’s swearing and Giorgi Gabunia and Nika Gvaramia must resign.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze  

08 July 2019 04:50