Rally of Tbilisi Pride Opponents Ends

The rally of opponents of Tbilisi Pride in front of the Parliament building ended. 

As the organizers of the rally explained, they received a blessing from the clergymen not to continue the demonstration on central Rustaveli Avenue at this stage.

The demonstrators left the spot with the assistance of the police.

Currently, only anti-occupation rally is being held in front of the Parliament.

The participants of two different rallies - anti-occupation demonstrators and opponents of Tbilisi Pride, spend the whole night on central Rustaveli Avenue.

The participants of  the anti-occupation rally demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia, while opponents of Tbilisi Pride demanded the abolishment of the anti-discrimination law and introducing a law "banning perverted behavior."

The situation was tense during the night, several incidents took place among the protestors, including physical confrontation.

Despite the protest of Tbilisi Pride opponents, the event of Tbilisi Pride, the March of Dignity, was still held yesterday in Georgia's capital, in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

By Ana Dumbadze 

09 July 2019 12:31