CSR: Grant Thornton Helps Tbilisi Zoo

Grant Thornton helped Tbilisi Zoo on Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day, 17 September, as part of a global Grant Thornton initiative to unlock potential for growth in local communities.

Grant Thornton spent the day helping the Tbilisi Zoo on 17 September- marked as Global CSR Day which Grant Thornton recognizes as a chance to help local communities unlock their potential for growth.

“Growing together in the community,” is part of a global initiative to help communities unlock their potential for growth in the 130 countries in which Grant Thornton operates.

“On 17 September our people helped our community by supporting Tbilisi Zoo,” said Nelson Petrosyan, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton. “We helped it to recover from damage caused by the heavy flooding.”

Founded in 1927, Tbilisi Zoo is the oldest and largest in Georgia, located along the Vere River valley in the center of Tbilisi with area of 120 ha. The Zoo is home to around 300 species native to Caucasus and other regions of the world. Tbilisi Zoo was heavily affected by flood on 13 June, killing or letting loose many of its inhabitants, and damaging the park’s infrastructure and eco system.

22 October 2015 22:40