Polish and Japanese Help Disabled in Georgia

A new scrolling room and clay shop, equipped with the latest techniques was opened yesterday.

The project is for the psychosocial and physical rehabilitation of people at Camiliel’s clinic. The new project was sponsored by the Japanese ($90’000) and Polish ($43’000) embassies.

“During the project new clay shops were opened at the Cameliels rehabilitation center, the invalid club at Gori and other houses.

New Ceramic stoves were installed and now patients will be able to be involved with projects concerning the treatment of clay. These are good psychotherapy and physical therapy treatments for the patients as well. The scrolling room has been installed to European standards.

Georgia hasn’t got services like this so we don’t have much experience, so Camiliels invited specialists from Poland to help,” Head of the Center Koba Kabosnidze said in a statement.

The service to mark the opening of the new project will be held at Cameliels rehabilitation center on October 28th at 12:00.

Representatives from the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, as well as special ambassadors from Poland and Japan will be attending the ceremony.

Address: Temka, 414 Anapi, 11 Divizi Str.

Nina Ioseliani

29 October 2015 11:59