Early Warning Systems to Be Installed in Georgia

Following the June 13th flood in Tbilisi, early warning systems will be implemented in several locations across Georgia. The pilot project is supported by international experts.

The warning systems are capable of identifying any kind of natural disaster related movement of earth and water, and alert police and rescue services when reaching potentially dangerous levels. These systems will provide protection and swift evacuation in case of a natural disaster.

Early warning systems are already being implemented in Tbilisi, in areas such as the river Vere valley, which is under heavy monitoring. The river Vere flood in June, 2015 caused severe damage to the city's infrastructure, resulting in at least 20 fatalities and the destruction of the Tbilisi Zoo, leaving half of the animals either dead or on the loose.

The early warning systems are supported by the UN program and the implementation of the project will start next year. For now the situation is being studied. Systems will be selected based on the type of risk, the scale of the natural disaster and whether the disaster zone is populated. In the case of Tbilisi and river Vere, an evacuation plan will be developed. A communication strategy to inform the public about the threat, will be designed as well.

29 October 2015 21:29